Underscores – Learning a new theme

UnderscoresHere we go again.  I’m feeling comfortable with creating child themes for WordPress’ TwentyTwelve theme, using it on several sites* including this one.  Last night, at the Northside WordPress Meetup, Becky Davis reminded me of a few of the problems with the TwentyTwelve approach   and suggested — for the second time — that I try the Underscores theme.

So…  You’re either on the bus or off the bus.  This site may be an interesting place over the next few days on its way to brilliance or disaster.

* Recent TwentyTwelve based sites are http://threemorewishesjazz.com, http://ellenblumbarish.com, http://slneighbors.org,  http://lvrsystems.com and a couple in development.

8 thoughts on “Underscores – Learning a new theme

  1. Basic stuff done — changed the default font to a nice looking Google font, configured a sidebar and installed the 3 column footer, replaced the built-in responsive nav with the “responsive navigation menu” plugin. That took a little over an hour. Todo: fix up the color scheme, make sidebars and footers responsive, create a header image.

  2. The site is now responsive and looks reasonably good, at least on my iPad and iPhone. How does it look on your device? If there’s something funky when viewed on your device, please let me know.

  3. More or less done. Removed the “dots” on list elements in widgets and tightened up the line spacing for the tag cloud. This could be a pretty good base template for new site.

  4. I like the idea to build a theme using underscores, about the theme menu I want to know is the original theme or did you do it? can you show us how to make a menu and the responsible…

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